Monday, June 13, 2011

the yoga of cat-walking ............

"the cat walkers" - they are famous to all who visit me and observe this most curious phenomenon of taking cats out for a walk. I've had the pleasure of observing this peculiar activity for 9 months and pondering the reasoning behind putting both of your cats on leashes and strolling about (yes there are two of them!). And perhaps some of you out there may have seen this before but for me this was foreign and eccentric.

But then after many months of observation I realized that for the owners it is a very meditative practice. Cats on leashes do not run around or jerk and pull one in various directions looking for the next tree or fire hydrant to "mark". They observe, sit and watch. There is not much to do while walking the cat as they they glide and stealthy move about planning each step with care. Unlike dogs, cats pause in observation and marvel at the slightest movement or blade of grass. They are present to each moment: walking in stealthy awareness. So naturally the walkers take on the same prowling, meditative demeanor. Rather then darting from place to place they glide and stare out into the grass watching and admiring their domesticated cats on leashes as in peaceful, active meditation. There is a sense of calm and tranquility as no one seems to be rushing.

There are many paths to finding peace and tranquility and many forms of Yoga - for my neighbors clearly they are finding samadhi in nature with their cats on a leash.

And it appears they are not the only one with these same thoughts as some have even captured it on video (special note that this cat is much more active then what i've seen).

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